How Do I Write a Business Case for Digital Signage?

Chart of Percentages for digital Signage display

How Do I Write a Business Case for Digital Signage?

How do you work out the ROI for Digital Advertising Signage?

Yes, you’re right, Digital Signage requires an investment.

If executed well, the investment could easily be recouped by the additional customers that you gained.

All those that could have been missed by not having had dynamic signage and advertisements in place. ​


  • 100 people walk passed a standard sign and most probably ignore it.
  • 100 walk passed digital signage with moving information and can’t help but look.
  • 33% will take notice, make an impulse action like buy, enquire about products or remember the information or brand.

That is 33 people more than yesterday, let’s say they walk into the store and purchase goods worth on average £40 at 50% GP.

Only you know your footfall and average spend but this would be a considerable amount of money towards the screen cost in just a few day.

Consider that profit over the units life time, our units can run 24/7 and you get 3 years warranty and lifetime of technical support.

​Looking around you today.

The next generation are after instant information and have grown up looking at media that attracted the eye. It’s what your future customers expect and they process these visuals 60,000x faster than text*.​

​Winning companies are already doing it, you don’t want to be behind your competitors and missing out, do you?​

​Clearly, digital signage does one thing very well and that is it engages your customers and staff.​

Whilst we all suffer from information overload, large digital screens are hard to ignore. ​

​As a business, you have the ability to create and change offers and promotions throughout the day. You can also monitor all your signage screens and your brand would have a guaranteed consistent message throughout all stores, all controlled from a central office makes digital signage extremely effective and efficient. Working with your big data and footfall it makes it simple and easy to quickly roll out a last minute campaign, increase sales and brand awareness. ​

Our CMS package makes this easy and cost effective. Each screen needs a licence although the more screens you have the better the cost benefits and it’s cheaper than many content management systems on the market today. ​

​Want to be more Eco friendly with your information?

Just think, for all the paper, card, postage and time it takes compared to digital signage. The ability to be nimble and quick in your next marketing campaign, reacting quickly to your market conditions could put you ahead of your competitors.

​​Digital advertising signage is a great way of improving efficiencies and effective communications to both customers and staff alike. It improves your revenue and the environmental approach helps support ​the next generations need to look after the planet.

*(Live Plan).

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