Considering Buying a Commercial CCTV Monitor or Display?

CCTV Monitors and 3 Year Warranty

Considering Buying a Commercial CCTV Monitor or Display?

So many people just want to use a cheap TV screen instead of a commercial CCTV monitor, so why is this a problem?

Below are a few reasons to think about.
  • Commercial CCTV monitor and display screens are designed to a better standard, made for commercial environments, can accommodate changes in temperature, vibration, length of usage and resistant to black out.
TV  Black out

TV Black out

  • Commercial products guarantee use 24 hours 7 days a week, no worries of overheating or in the worst case catching fire. Professional monitors have operating temperatures 0°C to 50°C , can be stored from -30°C to 60°C and operate in humidity 10% to 80%.


  • TV inputs may be limited and not what you need. Our screens offer a variety of inputs and are a great solution, everything from standard HDMI, VGA, Audio RS232 and BNC. Allowing you to work in a more flexible way.
CCTV Inputs



  • What about the brightness levels? These are generally brighter on a professional monitor to ensure they display well for variable lighting conditions in offices and security rooms. How many times have you seen a dull CCTV screen not showing details as well as it should? TV’s have a high gloss filter to make it look like you have more contrast.


Anti reflection screen


  • A commercial screen has anti-reflective or anti-glare filters to minimise reflections in your environment. Display these screens and monitors in a wider variety of areas in your business and get the optimum display of your content.
3 year commercial warranty


  • Standard domestic warranty can prove a false economy in a professional environment and can be very limited. They may not be covered when used in a commercial environment. You could also find if they need repairing you may have to return to supplier, your repair times could be up to 10 days or more leaving you screen-less. With our 3 year commercial warranty you wouldn’t have this issue as its set up to keep you up and running one way or the other.

These are some of the good reasons why getting a professional commercial screen, display or Commercial CCTV monitor is worth the money. Call us for your “not on the web best prices” and get your new displays today!

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