Five Common Mistakes to Consider When Using Digital Signage

Mistakes in Placement of Digital Display Screens

Five Common Mistakes to Consider When Using Digital Signage

1 – Where you put your Digital Signage Screen?

Just putting a screen anywhere won’t win you the customers you may expect.

It really matters where you put your sign, we have all seen it too many times that people put them in the incorrect place.

Look at the example here.

What are we trying to achieve?

Get customers to view the adverts and improve revenue by buying the products.

What have we achieved?

  • No one is looking except your staff at the desk
  • I hear what you are saying, “but it’s by the door so everyone walks past it?” They may, although are they looking?
  • You’re rushing and busy to get in and out not looking at signs.
  • When they are queuing, they are looking the opposite direction?
  • Should they stop and look, they’re then in the way of the customers coming and going.
  • When the customers you’re engaging have time to view and digest the advert, they are sat around the corner bored and just ready and waiting to be entertained.

Not the best place for a sign is it?

At DS20 Displays we can advise on where to place your inside or outside screen and get you the best return on your investment, just contact us for further advice.

 2 – Have a screen that is switched on.

What’s the point in having a screen that’s not switched on? It can be in the right place, the people could be sat there wanting to be engaged and entertained, booking something, googling the product or thinking of a purchase.

Our CMS content management system allows you to monitor your screens all the time from far and ensure your customers always have something to engage with. It flags any issues so you can deal with them quickly.


CMS Screen


3 – Get Your Content and Timing Right

Limit your content to one message, make it good and only change once you have time to read it.

Nothing is worse than seeing something and then it changes before you can read it, people won’t wait. Don’t let the audience feel annoyed so choose your designer carefully.

4- Tell them what you want them to do

You need a CTA, which stands for call to action. The main purpose of this is to tell someone what they should do and give them the motivation to follow through the action like the example below.

Want to get started? Try A Free Class On Us, book in at the desk today before you leave to secure your place.

5 – Think of Sunshine and Heat

Before you decide on buying the cheapest product and putting into your location, you may want to think again?

If you place it in a bright location without considering the sun and heat factors you open yourself up to making it impossible to see what’s on the screen and as the window traps the heat in, the internal electronics could get effected as it bakes in the sun.

Here at DS20 Displays we can overcome this with Ultra High Brightness Screens and advanced temperature control systems that are designed to handle the sun’s heat. Contact us today to help find you the right screen for your area.

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