New Affordable Wireless Presentation System

Wireless Presentation System

New Affordable Wireless Presentation System

Want an Affordable Wireless Presentation System? 

Are you seeking a cheaper alternative to the Barco Clickshare or another wireless presentation systems, try PushShare.


Allsee PushShare Dongle and Receiving Unit

Take a Look at the Allsee Pushshare?

New to the marketplace is the Allsee PushShare, so you won’t see it on the top 10 best wireless presentation systems 2020 list yet. It fits into the price bracket of alternatives, Airtame or InstaShow and is also a great alternative to Barco Clickshare and offers up to 9 users on-screen via a similar system to the Clickshare.

PushShare Wireless Presentation System is a local mirroring system and able to keep your information confidentially secure inside the meeting room, so you don’t need to connect to a cloud to share.

Wireless Mirroring and Collaboration are becoming more popular and some systems have many more features than you need.

The Allsee PushShare is as simple as it Sounds

  • Connect – Push – Share
  • Universal Compatible with any HDMI device, Bring Your Own Device!
  • Up to 9 Screens Mirrored on One Display
  • Touch Screen Interactivity Supported
  • Security Password Protected
  • Great Prices
Connect - Push - Share DS20 Displays

Easy to Connect – Push – Share

Simply Wireless Mirroring

PushShare Wireless Presentation System allows wireless mirroring from staff devices to interactive touch displays or other display and tv screens. They are so much more productive during meetings as people are not wasting time looking for compatible cables and in today’s environment it also limits the amount of people handling cables, spreading viruses and bacteria around the work force.

Allsee PushShare Dongle

PushShare Dongle

Once the dongle has been paired, just connect the dongle to the device of choice, push the button and start wireless sharing instantly. This simple system is easy to use so anyone can use it without any installation or training, making it more cost effective. Got a mobile device you want to share from? We also offer a free PushShare app to enable wireless share content and mirroring to screens in the same way.

Multi- Screen Mirroring

Want to mirror up to 9 screens on one display? On one PushShare receiver, up to nine separate devices can connect to the same receiving units simultaneously. This is ideal for collaborative meetings that also require interactivity.

9 screens Allsee PushShare DS20 Displays

Share up to 9 Screens with PushShare

Easy Integration with Existing Hardware 

Have you got a TV, digital screen or digital signage screen that you want to share to? With the Allsee PushShare receiving unit you can easily integrate with any existing legacy equipment that has HDMI and experience the Simple Wireless Mirroring of Allsee PushShare.

PushShare Easy to Integrate

PushShare is Easy to Integrate

If you are looking to buy a new interactive screen from us that’s ready to use on arrival. Packages complete with screen and dongles are available. Please contact us for package prices.

Already got an Allsee Interactive whiteboard?

If so, you don’t need a receiver and can just buy the Allsee PushShare dongle as it’s compatible with Allsee PTxxF. PTxxG, PSVR1 Interactive touch displays. Simply purchase a dongle for each staff member that you want to have one and we can send you over the link to update the app on your screen.

Touch Screen Interactivity Supported

Are you using an interactive presentation screen? If you connect the Allsee PushShare Receiving Unit via HDMI and USB then connect the PushShare dongle to your laptop or other device. You can then control your device from your interactive presentation screen, providing interaction both ways.

PushShare has Two Way Interaction

PushShare has Two Way Interaction

Is it Security Protected? 

Whether you have a standard screen or a compatible Allsee interactive touch display screen, PTxxF. PTxxG, PSVR1. The PushShare receiving unit connection between the screen or the receiving unit and PushShare dongle is fully password protected.

Your PushShare can be integrated into any IT network as the display screen or receiver creates a hotspot network so users mirroring is protected and secure between the devices.

Universal Compatibility 

Simple wireless mirroring, on your own device!

PushShare enables users to connect easily and wirelessly to your presentation screen at the touch of a button.  All you need is an output HDMI signal, such as Windows or Mac laptop or PC.


PushShare is Universally Compatible.

Commercial Usage Warranty

The PushShare would make a great addition to any company. Complete 3-year commercial warranty for 24/7 usage. Should there be any hardware failure during the warranty, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge. unlike other manufacturers, you also have access to FREE lifetime technical support, even after the warranty has expired. We will be more than happy to support both via email with any technical help required.

3 year commercial warranty

What the Technical Spec? CLICK HERE  to Download

Want our package prices and looking for a more affordable alternative to the Barco Clickshare?

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